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Inside Bendigo Town Hall

Historic Buildings - Beautiful Buildings Walk

Gold was first discovered in the Bendigo Creek in 1851, sparking Australia’s richest gold rush. Droves of diggers from across the world headed to the Bendigo Goldfields to strike it rich.

Very rapidly a large community grew as a result of the gold rush, and within 20 years the town of Bendigo was well established. The calibre of buildings and structures which emerged were reflective of the large volume of gold yielded in the immediate area. Many grand buildings still stand today, several are well restored and all have many colourful tales to tell.

Spend an hour or spend a day experiencing the warmth, richness, cultural diversity and the glory of the historical architecture which has evolved from the Bendigo gold rush.

Before you begin, be sure to visit the Bendigo Visitor Centre which houses a wealth of invaluable information and resources. The centre is a fine example of the city’s beautiful historic architecture – completed in 1887 it was the post office until 1995 when it became the Visitor Centre.

Download our Beautiful Buildings Walk (PDF, 3.64MB) and discover Bendigo's charm for yourself!

Also add a tour of the majestic Bendigo Town Hall and Historic Post Office to your list of things to do! For more information on Tours, please click here.

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