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Prospecting at Bendigo Gold World

Gold Prospecting

Many people still come to the Bendigo region with the hope of striking gold. Recreational fossicking is allowed in some areas of the Greater Bendigo National Park which surrounds Bendigo.

In Victoria, a prospector or fossicker requires a Miner's Right which is a permit to prospect for minerals on unreserved Crown Land or private land where the permission of the landowner has been granted. These can be purchased online at for $31.30 and will be valid for two years.

To go fossicking, conditions stipulate that only hand tools and metal detectors may be used. Soil or rocks displaced during fossicking must be replaced and holes backfilled. Trees and shrubs must not be damaged and mining relics are not to be disturbed.

Gold prospecting is a fantastic way for Australians and tourists to discover an important chapter in Australia's history. If not keen to set out alone, Bendigo Gold World Tours offers a number of guided fossicking adventures. Nothing can beat the thrill of unearthing your own natural gold nugget and experiencing the beautiful Australian bush at the same time.

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