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Explore Bendigo's Outdoors and Nature

Escape to the tranquility of nature by exploring the nearby bushlands and waterways.

Cycling and Walking Trails

An interconnected network of walking paths and bike tracks weave through the bush. Early pioneer Andrew O’Keefe has been recognised for his part in the establishment of railway lines in the region. A linear trail called The O’Keefe Rail Trail links Axedale with Bendigo.

Botanical Beauty

Enjoy the splendour of the Bendigo Botanic Gardens. Soon after the gold rush began, those wanting to replicate life back in England set about the establishment of these formally designed gardens. Many historic plantings remain, as does the display of native fauna.

Welcoming Water

Nearby Lake Eppalock is today brimming with water and water sports have returned with passion. The large lake was constructed in the 1960s as a water catchment for irrigation, and now awaits for fishing, waterskiing, boating and swimming.

All Parks, Walking, Cycling and Trail Guides are available from the Bendigo Visitor Centre or in this section of our website.


Explore Bendigo's Outdoors and Nature
Explore Bendigo's Outdoors and Nature


Navigate a series of bike trails and walking paths through Bendigo and nearby bushland.

Take to the recently replenished waterways like Lake Eppalock.

Navigate challenges in the natural settings of the region’s five golf courses.

Stroll beautiful Rosalind Park, Bendigo’s stately central park.

Picnic by the lake at Lake Weeroona or Bendigo Botanic Gardens.

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