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Bendigo Nightlife
Bendigo Nightlife
Bendigo Nightlife

Beautiful by Day, Stunning by Night!

When the sun sets on Bendigo, the landmark buildings and monuments along View Street and Pall Mall set the stage for a variety of night experiences.

Quality restaurants, cafés and wine bars are aplenty and ensure a range of choice for your evening out. The venues showcase the talented people and quality produce of the region. Our chefs are our new golden pioneers, adding to the new riches of this dynamic city. On select evenings, nineSevenSix restaurant tram takes to the tracks for a moving feast while gracefully moving along the historic streets.

The Capital, Bendigo’s Performing Arts Centre, hosts more than 160 live shows every year including theatre, music, dance and comedy so there is plenty to choose from.

Catch the latest blockbuster movie at Bendigo Cinemas or relax on a comfy couch for an arthouse film at the Star Cinema.

Beautiful by Day, Stunning by Night!
Beautiful by Day, Stunning by Night!


Catch a play or concert at the historic Capital Theatre.

Curl up in a comfy couch with a glass of red for an arthouse flick at Star Cinema.

Catch up with friends for a casual drink at one of the CBDs many great bars and lounges.

Dine in style on Bendigo's restaurant on wheels - ninesevensix.

Head out for an exciting night in Bendigo's night clubs.

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