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How to Get to Bendigo

Getting to Bendigo from Melbourne is an easy 90 minute drive along the Calder Freeway. The distance from Melbourne to Bendigo is 147km.

Located in the geographical centre of Victoria, Bendigo is serviced by high quality road, rail and air links. A variety of PDF maps of Bendigo are available to download.

Once you arrive, there are various options for transport in Bendigo.

Travel Times to Bendigo

Travel times and distances from Melbourne and major centres are below:

Bendigo Travel Times Distance
to Bendigo
by Car
Time by Train/Bus
Bendigo to Melbourne 147km 90 mins 120 mins
Bendigo to Castlemaine 38km 30 mins 25 mins
Bendigo to Daylesford 77km 60 mins 70 mins
Bendigo to Ballarat 122km 90 mins 120 mins
Bendigo to Echuca 92km 70 mins 75 mins
Bendigo to Tullamarine Airport 143km 95 mins

Note that distances and times are approximate.

How to Get to Bendigo
How to Get to Bendigo

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