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Bendigo Wealth Heritage Uncorked

When: 11:00am October 11 - 5:00pm October 12, 2014

Location: Bendigo CBD
Cnr Mitchell St and Pall Mall, Bendigo Victoria   View on map


Phone: 1800 813 153


Come and join Bendigo's iconic moveable feast with Bendigo Wealth Heritage Uncorked. The winemakers of Bendigo create this unique wine festival each year to showcase the best of Bendigo - Bendigo wine, superb food, local musicians and grand gold rush architecture.

This is a special opportunity to taste the great wines of the Bendigo region, matched with gourmet food prepared by local chefs while you stroll from one stunning heritage venue to the next.

Rather than admire from a distance such gracious landmarks as the restored Bendigo Town Hall (1885), take the opportunity to explore the fine interiors while sampling premium food and wine in these and other venues at Bendigo Heritage Uncorked.

Stunning venues conveniently spaced along historic Pall Mall, and nearby streets have been selected. It is an event with a relaxing pace, allowing you to stroll from one venue to the next while discovering Bendigo's most spectacular buildings, many which are usually closed to the public. On arrival you will receive a booklet with information about the wines and food at each venue. The booklet also includes a map so you can wander from venue to venue at your own pace as there is no order for which venue you have to go to next. For meals at six of the venues, present the voucher for that venue from your booklet to the caterer

Bendigo Wealth Heritage Uncorked

Cnr Mitchell St and Pall Mall, Bendigo, Australia

Come and join Bendigo's iconic moveable feast with Bendigo W
ealth Heritage Uncorked. The winemakers of Bendigo create th
is unique wine festi...


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