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A sonnet to the season

Prior apologies for the poetic flourish, but this time of year in Bendigo is just so inspiring, don’t you agree? Oh autumn, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways…

Rosalind Park

#1 Rosalind Park. Dust off the boots from the back of the wardrobe and take ‘em for a lap or two of this historic park in the heart of the city. Avenues of ancient elms and oaks shed their buttery leaves, creating a carpet of leaf litter loved by all ages. Your walk will become a soft shoe shuffle under beautiful bare branches. For a bird’s eye view of the seasonal show below - and beyond - climb the iconic poppet head at the top of the hill. 

#2 Bendigo Botanic Gardens. This 1850s-era heritage garden turns heads as trees from around the world respond to an Aussie autumn. Pretty poplars turn mellow yellow, as do the oaks – fill your pockets with their fallen acorns. Beside the park a brand new Garden for the Future  has just been unveiled, featuring over 600 plant species chosen to suit Bendigo’s climate. 

Lake Weeroona

#3 Lake Weeroona. This much-loved walking spot also puts on a picture-worthy display, thanks to deciduous trees lining the lake’s western side. Viewed from the east the changing hues are stunning. Take your latte alfresco and let the kids loose on the adventure playground while you soak in the sights

#4 Vineyards. Connect with the cycle of the seasons at a local vineyard, from Big Hill to Barnadown, Marong to Heathcote. The drive through central Victorian countryside is all the more lovely for the rows and rows of crimson vines. Sigh.

Valley of the Liquidambers

#5 Valley of the Liquidambers. This little-known pocket just a short stroll from the Heathcote township and across the swinging bridge is the best of picnic spots. Grab a gourmet pie from one of the town’s top bakeries and lay your tartan rug under a spectacular show of falling leaves… and breathe. 

Intrigued? It only lasts a little while, so see you soon in beautiful Bendigo.


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