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Another Yarn Bombing Is Hitting The Tracks

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone. I’ve been privy to one of the biggest secrets in town.

About four years ago, a group of crafty Bendigo locals hatched a plan. A plan to celebrate art; to add a bit of colour and warmth to a cold winter’s day and to make everyone smile.

It was a simple enough concept – International Yarn Bombing Day was coming up (that’s totally a thing; google it) and a small cluster of like-minded knitters and crocheters decided to get on board. After weeks of work, in the wee hours of a Saturday morning with hearts pounding, they set to work: decorating a large tree in Pall Mall, along with most of the bollards down the main street, with their craft. They had breakfast, and then returned as Bendigo’s monthly Farmer’s Market started and they witnessed the joyful reactions.

Of course, one might expect these creative types to come up with grand ideas and one happened to mention what fun it would be to deck out a tram with their woollen wares. Bendigo, being Bendigo, answered the call and the very next day, a crew from Bendigo Tramways got in touch and asked the group to come down and select their tram.

The colourful, cosy tram has become quite the institution and the Yarn Bombers have had their work cut out for them. This year is going to be something even more special – 6.5 metres of both sides of tram will be covered in crocheted squares, more than ever before.

“We get lots of donations of wool – people are so generous,” says one of the Bombers (who chooses to remain anonymous because that’s part of the pleasure).

“It’s wonderful fun. About eight of us meet on a Tuesday and we sit around and knit and crochet and laugh. There’s lots of laughter. We also have our ‘remote crocheters’ who may be busy on a Tuesday but love to be involved and so work from home.”

As well as the annual ‘dressing’ of the tram, this imaginative bunch also knit for premmie babies and homeless in the region, as well as knitting for a Nepalese charity. They decorate the Santa tram and, last year, they decked out the conservatory with their creations.

Surely when such things are created with love and joy in mind, there’s only one way to receive them. “I defy anyone to look at that tram and not smile,” says our resident Yarn Bomber.

That’s certainly not a dare I’d be willing to take.

Want to check it out for yourself?  The Yarn Bomb Tram will be out on the tracks from Monday 12th June for everyone to enjoy!

For bookings and more information check out http://www.bendigotourism.com/tours/bendigo-cbd/bendigo-tramways 

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