Yes that's right I am one of those. I can't eat gluten which adds a whole new dimension to finding somewhere to eat out, especially when I am away from home. I don't know about you but when I'm on holidays I really don't want to cook. One of the greatest things about living in Bendigo is that I am so spoilt for choice. There is barely a café or restaurant that doesn't cater for diet requirements. Like the taste sensation-AL "wholebowl" I grabbed for lunch at Wholefoods Kitchen, tasty and packed full of local goodness. 

Crooked Kitchen

​For those weeks when the bills all roll in at once I wander up to the good folk at Crooked Kitchen where I usually find something like chunky bruschetta on crispy sweet potato skins, for about 12 bucks. How good is that!! 

A night out with friends is usually spent at Rocks on Rosalind where almost the entire menu is gluten free …must say it's a pretty sweet spot to round off the week, with a cocktail or three.

Cocktails at Rocks on Rosalind

I am the first to admit that I should at least try to consume less sugar but when you have these tantalising options, well…. I am only human! Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates specialise in handmade, artisan Belgian chocolates with diabetic, dark and gluten free options. GF chocolate brownie – enough said.

Wait for it…Canadian Maple Waffles with bacon, popcorn, maple syrup, and banana ….it's ok it made me cry too…and if you can eat dairy there is caramel ice cream to top it off all served from a cute itsy bitsy caravan inside Café Cortille.

Indulge Chocolate

​And then there's coffee….in uber-cool spaces, masterful barista's that know my name…some of my fav's are El Gordo, Brewhouse Cafe, or Percy & Percy, all serving quality non-dairy milk options, of course! The best news is, all you good vegetarian-vegan-gluten-dairy-sugar-fructose intolerant people planning a holiday to Bendigo, feel reassured that you will be warmly welcomed with an abundance of fresh food to feast on. Pick up a copy of the latest dining shopping guide to see all your options.