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Why you should come see Another Day in Paradise

I have been so excited since the day Bendigo Art Gallery announced they would be showing ‘Myuran Sukumaran: Another Day in Paradise’, curated by Michael Dagostino and one of my favourite Australian artists, Ben Quilty.

Who can forget one of the most talked about topics of 2015, the execution of two Australians, from the group known as the Bali Nine? This exhibition brings together a body of work by Myuran Sukumaran, who was executed on April 29, 2015, for attempting to smuggle drugs out of Indonesia. 

Another Day in Paradise at Bendigo Art Gallery

Having been to Ben Quilty’s exhibitions before, I already know I’m in for an emotional ride. The moment I stepped into the exhibition space, it took my breath away. The exhibition space is big, open and bright, not at all what I expected, but I couldn’t help but feel the sadness projected from Myuran’s work.   

As I walk through the space, I was slapped by all sorts of emotions. I couldn’t help but eavesdrop while Ben Quilty is talking to reporters, ‘Everyone makes mistake when they’re young. This exhibition shows the repercussion of a young man’s mistakes. It is a warning to young men and a celebration of creativity.’ 

Another Day in Paradise

Myuran was so talented. After Ben’s first visits to the Kerobokan prison Myuran created 42 paintings within two weeks, some of Ben’s student in Australia who were given the same advice could barely create one. One of the walls features works from Myuran’s last 72 hours, they are his final words to the world and yes, they are silence, yet powerful. 

People Can Change - Another Day in Paradise

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I highly recommend everyone to come and see the exhibition. One of the gorgeous things about art is that it triggers emotion and gets you thinking… 'Myuran Sukumaran: Another Day in Paradise’ is now open at Bendigo Art Gallery until September 16. It is a free exhibition. 


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