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CatherdralOh, this place is rich alright! We’re talking history so rich it’s indulgent. But what else would you expect from a city made of old money? Where 19th century sandstone giants are a daily reminder of our gold digger past. We’ve put together some nifty tours of the Bendigo heritage highlights, from grand public buildings to our 1860s clink – it once hosted bed and breakfast for Ned Kelly!

Go back to the future in Bendigo. We may not have a Delorean, but we do have a fleet of retro trams for a spot of time travelling on well-worn tracks. 

Head on down to the Central Deborah Gold Mine. Up to 228 metres down below ground. It’s positively dark and broody.

Craft yourself a spiffy vase or bowl and help continue more than 150 unbroken years of production at the Bendigo Pottery.

As you can see, there’s nothing nanna about Bendigo’s heritage. Although you may want to take yours to the Golden Dragon Chinese Museum to meet Sun Loong. All ages love the world’s longest imperial dragon. 

What else? Join one of the guided Bendigo walking tours around old gold streets, explore the stunning Sacred Heart Cathedral. Or pick up our heritage brochure to design your own itinerary. Find them in the Bendigo Information Centre – once the city’s historic post office. It’s very posh.



Heritage Buildings

Today, many of Bendigo’s old banks, theatres, hotels and public buildings have been repurposed as restaurants and bars, retail, galleries and the visitor information centre.

Cemetery Walks

Genealogy and history buffs will find a stroll through the local Bendigo cemeteries fascinating - so much information about communities can be derived from local cemeteries.

Heritage Walking Tours

Immerse yourself in the rich stories of a golden past, explore stunning heritage architecture fashioned in a time when Bendigo was the richest city in the world!

Historic Eaglehawk

Now an outer suburb of Bendigo located about 8km from the CBD, Eaglehawk was once a thriving borough of 40,000…

Rosalind Park Walk

The whole family will adore beautiful Rosalind Park – 60 acres of grassy open spaces, lush leafy trees, a fabulous playground…