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Souls of the Whipsticks

Arts Culture and Music At Exhibit B, Bendigo Bank Central 12 Bath Ln, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia

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From November 21, to December 17, 2018
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Cost: Free

Mari B-Li Donni



Souls of the Whipsticks

A mixed media exhibition by Gail Haig and Mari B-Li Donni visually depicting the Soul within the Whipstick forest from past and present.

'Souls of the Whipsticks' exhibition came about via a collaboration work by Mari B-Li Donni (digital image) and Gail Haig (poem) for the Co.lab exhibition in 2017 after a walk through the Whipstick forest. The photo Mari took depicted an image of an indigenous elder protruding through the frail leaf. This image gave an impression that the souls of the past were still here today overseeing us through the spirit of the forest. 

This exhibition depicts a small fraction of what the Whipsticks is or has been about. There are a lot of hidden past and colourful stories that are unknown to us today but digging deep within the core of the forest and you can find some amazing stuff while at the same time keeping in mind to acknowledge and take care of our natural surrounds. 

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