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Composing Objects

Arts Culture and Music At Post Office Gallery 51-67 Pall Mall Bendigo, Victoria

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From March 04, to May 28, 2017
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Composing Objects probes the innate creative desire to arrange three-dimensional objects. Depending on personal taste, functionality or artistic intention, objects can be brought together for aesthetic display, as a utilitarian suite, to convey meaning or to be rendered as a still life. Throughout art history, objects have been arranged in endless compositions, according to everything from shape, colour and medium to decorative style, functional quality or symbolic potency. Ordinary or ornate, historic or contemporary, objects are conduits of cultural, social and artistic values, with meaning and significance ascribed according to who is viewing them and in what context.

Image: Alison Rehfisch, Untitled, c1935, oil on linen. Collection Bendigo Art Gallery. Purchased 1981 © A Rehfisch Estate

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